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how to make an arch generic package?

hi all,

i'm a total noob when it comes to building deb packages so i believe
this list is the place to be.

i'm trying to package my first package, called rsnapshot. the available
version in the repo's is aging and since its just a collection of
scripts it appears to be a nice package for a first try.

so far it seems to work following the routine i noted down here

only i can not figure out how to make the packages without the
architecture specific name like

according to the new maintainers guide:
> If your package is an `Architecture: all' one, you need to include all the commands for building the package under the `binary-indep' rule, and leave the `binary-arch' rule empty instead. 

or i completely misunderstand what this says or it doesn't work,
probably the last option has something to do with me mis configuring

anybody has a clue?



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