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New script for the templates svn repo


I'm thinking of adding this very simple script to the templates/ svn
repo, alonside the keycheck.sh script:

  $ cat minechangelogs 
  ssh lintian.debian.org "~enrico/bin/minechangelogs $@"

Only there's a problem with shell escaping: if I use it like this, and
run ./minechangelogs "Enrico Zini", on the other end of ssh what gets
invoked is "minechangelogs Enrico Zini", which matches entries
containing "Enrico" or "Zini", so I also get entries for Enrico Tassi.

It would of course work if I invoke it as:
  ./minechangelogs "'Enrico Zini'"
but that is awkward.

Is there a better way to pass the rest of the command line, unchanged,
through ssh?  This has the same problem:

  ssh lintian.debian.org "~enrico/bin/minechangelogs" "$@"

The syntax of the script on lintian.debian.org is to do case-sensitive
matching of its parameters, and return the changelog entries that
contain at least one, therefore ORing the matches together.



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