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Re: Debian maintainer application for Olivier Berger

Hi debian-newmaint,

I'm hereby advocating Olivier Berger for the NM process.  Like Lucas,
I never saw the code nor reviewed his packages, but I've been
increasingly involved in the same projects as he recently, most
notably the gatherings about collaboration and convergence between
various forge softwares.  Numerous discussions with him using various
means from face-to-face to IRC have convinced that he has a good grasp
of what's involved in maintaining packages and of what sustainable
development means and requires -- so even if (and that's a real if) he
doesn't yet have all the technical skills, I'm pretty sure he'll be
able to pick the missing bits and become a good DD.

Roland Mas

Vampyres are just the same, the only real difference being that they can't
spell properly.  -- in Carpe Jugulum (Terry Pratchett)

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