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Re: DM Application for Christian Holm Christensen

>>      _|           DK-2200 Copenhagen N       Cell:   (+45) 24 61 85 91=

>>     _|            Denmark                    Office: (+45) 353  25 447=

>>  ____|   Email:   cholm@nbi.dk               Web:    www.nbi.dk/~cholm=

> If more signatures is required, I guess that can be fixed ;)

Hi, I signed Christian's key when we met stepping aside the Nordugrid Con=
ference in
Copenhagen. For his internal use Christian has already addressed the pack=
aging of more
than the root packages. I recall the packaging for Globus for instance.

The NBI is all about physics, and so is Christian (+ Debian). I strongly =
suggest to accept
him as DM and eventually as DD. He gives Debian a good boost for scientif=
ic computing.


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