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Re: DM application for Martin-Éric Racine

On Thu Jan 08 14:11, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Martin-Éric Racine [2009-01-03 13:27 +0200]:
> > I am hereby applying for DM status. I have read and thereby agree to
> > the Social Contract, DFSG and DMUP.
> So, after that relatively short thread, we saw a few personal grudges
> and an eternal picking on one single error from the past (cups-pdf).
> Did anyone actually look at Martin-Eric's current work for judging
> him?

I think this should be a job for an AM. I don't think anyone has said
that he shouldn't go through NM.

IMO (and not specifically saying anything about this case) if people
have doubts about someone in DM it means that we would rather they went
through the more formal and thorough checking that NM involves. Detailed
investigation into their current work is what their AM is for.


Matthew Johnson

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