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Re: DM application for Jan-Pascal van Best

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At one time or another, I've sponsored uploads of several of
Jan-Pascal's packages - with particular attention to Lucene2, which is
going to become a very important package in Debian. Take a look at
Lucene's popularity contest stats - all those users are eventually
going to migrate over to the Lucene2 library.


Jan-Pascal has been fastidious in packaging, persistent, and very easy
to work with. Some of the packages he works with are not easy - Lucene
is in Java (not a trivial platform to package for in Debian), it has a
ton of unit tests, boat loads of dependencies, lots of contrib
programs. There's a lot of work to package this well, and I'm very
impressed with the results. Jan-Pascal is quite engaged and has plenty
of energy to contribute to the Project. This is not a person who takes
a week to reply to a random email. And he doesn't sit around waiting
for bug - he's the person that is moving a fair number of Java code
from contrib to main. Based on reviews of the packages I've sponsored,
I'm confident that Jan-Pascal does quality work, has packaging skill
and experience exceeding many Developers, and that he is already a
significant asset to the organization. I fully support his progression
to Maintainer and if I was the overlord of Debian he'd also be made a
Developer on the spot.

> Hi!
> I would like to become a Debian Maintainer.
> I'm maintaining, within the pkg-java team, the lucene2, easymock,
> commons-csv and solr packages.
> I've read and I agree to the Debian Social Contract, the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines and the Debian Machine Usage Policies.
> I'm looking forward to participating in the Debian project in this new role.
> Regards,
> Jan-Pascal
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