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Re: DM application for Ludovico Gardenghi

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 04:28:29PM +0200, Ludovico Gardenghi wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm here to apply as a Debian Maintainer.
> I am one of the upstream developers of VDE and View-OS and I am a
> co-maintainer of the corresponding Debian packages (source names: vde2,
> umview, vdetelweb, purelibc, lwipv6, kernel-patch-viewos,
> fuse-umfuse-{ext2,fat,iso9660}).
> My key has been signed by my advocates (Filippo Giunchedi and Guido
> Trotter, who are also my co-maintainers) and by Enrico Tassi and Enrico
> Zini.
> I've read and I agree to the Debian Social Contract, the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines and the Debian Machine Usage Policies.

I hereby endorse Ludovico's application.

I've known him since years and he's technically very skilled, moreover has
proven to know debian practises by preparing packages for the pkg-vsquare team.

He also has proven to know free software principles and ideas, I'm sure he'll be
a great contribution to Debian.

Filippo Giunchedi - http://esaurito.net
PGP key: 0x6B79D401
random quote follows:

To be learned in an art&C, the Theory is sufficient; to be a master of
it, both the Theory and practice are requisite.
-- Charles Hutton

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