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Re: Debian Maintainer Application for Jose Luis Tallon

I am the person who first advocated Jose Luis Tallon. I did that because I
know him and I have worked with him. I have been the uploader of its first
packages (more than two years ago) when he was learning how to make debian
packaging, and well, the packages were not perfect, but he did the
packaging and maintaining pretty well of very complex things like source
packages with more than 10 binaries, library packages, compiling things two
and three times to link with different libraries and generate different

I mean, he faced the packaging of very complex things when other people
would choose small and easy things, and he did it pretty well. I think
he will be a very good Debian Maintainer if we give him the chance.

Just my \EUR{0.02}.

Roberto Lumbreras           .''`.            
                    <rover : :' : debian.org>
Debian Developer           `. `'             

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