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Re: DM application

On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, Philipp Benner wrote:

I hereby want to apply as a Debian Maintainer. Steffen Moeller has offered to
advocate me.

I agree with the social contract, DFSG and Debian Machine Usage Policies.

As the the first DD who signed Philipps key and a sponsor of two of his
packages I also would support his application.  Philip has proven that he
has understand the Social Contract and Debian Policy.  He does a good job
in his packages and I would regard his personal policy to take only as
much packages as he is able to fully maintain as a reasonable point to
mention.  Philipp is very reliable in working on updates and policy changes
that might be necessary for the set of his package which is IMHO a positive
feature in contrast to some maintainers who try to get grip on as many
packages as possible while managing only half of the work that has to
be done.

Kind regards



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