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Debian Maintainer Application


I co-maintain some packages in Debian (shishi and gss) and would like to
apply as debian maintainer so that I can help upload packages to solve
bugs in the BTS faster.  I'm the upstream author/maintainer for a couple
of other packages (gsasl, libidn, gnutls, libntlm, etc) as well and try
to help with debian issues concerning those packages too.

I acknowledge and agree with the Debian social contract, free software
guidelines, and machine usage policies.

I have chosen not to apply as debian developer at this point because I
have hesitations about being a "full" member of an organization that
help non-free software; through the contrib/non-free sections, shipping
non-free firmware and the like.  Still, the amount of useful
contributions debian makes to the free software community is
significant, and the alternatives to debian are usually even less free
or too insignificant.  So I feel comfortable helping debian where I can.


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