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Re: DM applicant Filipe Lautert

Filipe dijo [Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 12:47:44AM -0200]:
> after talking with one of my packages sponsor, and knowing that they are
> very busy at the moment and that if I could upload packages it would
> relief them of some work, I´m applying to DM. I´m also in the NM process
> and this is a shortcut to some rights that I want to have as a DD.
> So, I acknowledge and agree to the Debian Social Contract, the Debian Free
> Software guidelines, and the Debian Machine Usage Policies.
> I'll wait for a recommendation of one of my sponsors to fill a bug against
> debian-maintainers.

I have worked with Filipe as part of the pkg-ruby-extras team. He is
very enthusiastic, and technically very good. Of course, as he is
still a relative newcomer to Debian, every now and then his packaging
do need a minor tuning - but I'm sure Debian will be better off having
him as a maintainer than having him act through sponsors.

For the record, since we started working together, Filipe became
upstream of one of the most important and popular packages he
maintains in the group (Mongrel, a Ruby-based HTTP application


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