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sponsoring Philipp Haller as a Debian Maintainer

I would like to sponsor Philipp Haller (philipp.haller@epfl.ch, GPG 
0xE28CDAB361D26B65) as a Debian Maintainer.  He has taken over the Scala 
packages for me, and so far I have been sponsoring uploads for him.  It would 
be better if he can upload these directly himself.

I can vouch that his goals parallel the DFSG and DSC, and that he'd continue 
to make great packages.

I also would like to say that this DM setup is perfect for our situation.  
Philipp wants to upload packages but might or might not decide he wants to 
pursue more involvement with Debian.  At this stage, a DM role is perfect.  
So, thanks to all the people trying out this arrangement, and I really hope 
it works as well as it sounds.


Lex Spoon

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