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Recommending Tobias Toedter as Debian Maintainer

I hereby recommend Tobias Toedter <t.toedter@gmx.net> as Debian

Tobias joined the iso-codes maintenance team a while ago (early 2006)
and progressively became the most important and active member in the
team, managing to prepare several releases of the package since July

These releases were sponsored by myself and, as of now, no error
happened and this always demonstrated a good knowledge of Debian
package maintenance and processes.

Tobias did a great work to better separate Debian maintenance from
"upstream" maintenance and prepared many releases.

In short, I personnally trust him entirely to do releases as good as
mine (and most often better ones).

He has also a good practice of team interactions with great social
skills and good relations woth other team members, whether they're
former developers or new contributors.

Therefore, I recommend him as Debian Maintainer and would be glad to
make the next iso-codes upload with him listed as package maintainer.


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