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Re: Advocate DM: Jose Parrella


On Sunday 18 November 2007 20:49, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Because I felt this was obvious. Adding one person to the DM or DD
> keyring requires the same amount of work, so why shouldn't we add him
> _directly_ in the proper place ?

Because "one place" is maintained by different people than the other place?

>   Who do you see fixing NM right now ? I see plenty of people trying to
> make DM work though.

AIUI, as Anthony thankfully explained, having a keyring team maintained has 
not done like this before and doing this for DM is a test-case to try to show 
how maintaining the DD keyring could be improved.

So "making DM work" is/could be a step towards "make NM work" (better). Isn't 
that great? ;)


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