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AM byebye


so, thats it. The amount of mails you just got marks my way out as an
AM, i just cleaned up my whole queue that was left from the time before
I got DAM.

It was fun doing the AM job, even when I was - well, a bit slow
lately. I mostly enjoyed doing the work and helping people get the DD
status - and sometimes also rejecting them. I also like that it did help
me to learn *lots* about Debian and its processes and technical stuff.
Ever seen something you dont understand in Debian? Get AM, add a
question to the templates, let your Applicants explain it to you. :)

Anyone out there not yet AM: Go, ask FrontDesk if they want you (usually
they do :) ). Anyone out there already AM: Thanks for your work!

bye Joerg
>D. You've just heard about this great program and would like to package
>it, what are your next steps?
I would start off by sighing deeply and wishing I were already a DD. :-)
If I were already a DD, I would perform most of these same steps.  I
would omit the deep sigh and replace it with a gasp of excitement,[...]

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