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Choice of NM by AM

Disclaimer: I'm not AM (I tried to but the first two NM were so slow that
they ended up on hold and left enrico alone to handle them when they came
back to life).

Moving to debian-newmaint, this has nothing to do on -vote. Please respect

On Sat, 28 Jul 2007, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Here, I feel like I need to answer. I've had 3 NMs (which is few I
> know), but still. 1 is now DD (hi pabs), 1 is waiting for you, the other
> is gone MIA, and I should put him on hold (but he doesn't block a slot
> as I don't have time for new NMs currently anyway).
>   Here is what I can say: using anything else than the templates with
> someone you don't know _at all_ and that does not has the same area of
> interest than you is _very_ difficult.  I mean, I don't think there is a
> lot of people being AM because they love it. We do it because it's vital
> to have fresh blood, and we all happily help towards that goal. But the
> job sucks. What I regret, is that I'm totally unable to pick some
> Applicants I know a bit either because we work in a team together, or
> because they are on French irc channels, or anything that makes him not
> being a random Joe to me.

Full ACK on this point. IMO the AM should be more involved in the choice
of an NM. We need to have safe-guards so that all NM are given a chance,
but it sucks so much to have an AM from the other side of the world when
you could have an AM that he's on your team or from the same country.

For this, it would be useful if each NM had a wiki page presenting his
work so that the AM can have a fair chance to find someone with common

Raphaël Hertzog

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