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AM Report for Matt Brown <debian@mattb.net.nz>

Report for new developer applicant Matt Brown <debian@mattb.net.nz>:

1. Identification & Background

   Check with Keyid 0x59B2D9A0:

   ID Check passed, Key signed from Brendan O'Dea (bod@debian.org) and Michael
   Beattie (mjb@debian.org)

   Output from keycheck.sh 0x59B2D9A0

    pub   1024D/59B2D9A0 2005-02-03
	  Key fingerprint = 6583 A11F 1428 FCDD 65FC  C7B5 E0CD 3CDC 59B2 D9A0
    uid                  Matthew G L Brown (Default Key) <matt@mattb.net.nz>
    sig!         F90F9FF1 2005-05-12  Michael Beattie <mjb@debian.org>
    sig!3        8F068012 2005-04-13  Andrew McMillan (Andrew @ Work) <andrew@catalyst.net.nz>
    sig!3        59B2D9A0 2005-02-03  Matthew G L Brown (Default Key) <matt@mattb.net.nz>
    sig!         64011A8B 2006-01-26  Jonathan Oxer <jon@keysigning.org>
    sig!         B28C5995 2006-01-31  Brendan O'Dea <bod@debian.org>
    sig!         1BF8DE0F 2006-03-05  Roland Stigge <stigge@antcom.de>
    sig!3        59B2D9A0 2005-02-03  Matthew G L Brown (Default Key) <matt@mattb.net.nz>
    sig!3        59B2D9A0 2006-01-04  Matthew G L Brown (Default Key) <matt@mattb.net.nz>
    [ ... ] snipped a few other uids    
    Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key
    Key is ok
    Check for key expire stuff
    Key has an expiration date of 
     2008-01-04 whats fine to us.

   Applicant writes:

   I'm 21, married, currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. I work as a
   Network / Systems administrator for a company called MediaLab
   (www.medialab.co.nz). I also spend half my time contracted back to the
   WAND Network Research Group (www.wand.net.nz) at Waikato University
   (www.waikato.ac.nz) where I maintain and develop software for the CRCnet
   Wireless Research Network (www.crc.net.nz).=20

   My involvement in Free software started around 5 years ago and was
   nutured by my workmates and tutors as I progressed through University. I
   first used Debian around 4 and a half years ago and I have been
   maintaining Debian servers since then. Part of the CRCnet project has
   involved creating a derived Debian distribution for use on very low
   resource biscuit computers. I have gained significant experience
   recompiling and building a wide range of Debian packages through this.
   (The glibc and kernel packages scare me - but I got them working in the
    end!). Without the flexibility of Linux we would not have been able to
   build the CRCnet project. This has been an excellent example of the
   power of Free software for me.

   I am active in my Local LUG (www.wlug.org.nz) having served two years on
   the committee and I help out maintaining the wiki code base. I have
   written a logfile analyser for the Squid Web Proxy
   (www.crc.net.nz/software/srg.php). I also contribute to various other
   Free software projects as I have time (see 
   http://www.mattb.net.nz/software.php for details).

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Matt has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my Questions about Social Contract,
   DFSG, BTS etc. in a good way.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Matt is Maintainer of of phpwiki, srg and madwifi (as a team member), all
   Packages in Debian (sponsored by me and others).
   He showed a strong understanding of debian procedures and answered all
   questions to my full satisfaction. 

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
   Account: mattb
   Forward-Email: debian@mattb.net.nz


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