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Re: Proposal: The future of the Debian NM process

On Tue, 16 May 2006 18:35:36 -0500, Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org> said:

> My idea was not to put any additional load on ftp-master and to have
> automatic rejects for that reason. If they have to decide what's wrong
> with a package, they could as well explain it themselves to the
> uploader, since it would take the sponsor the same time to figure it
> out.

I didn't mean that ftp-master should decide whether or not there's
anything wrong with the package.  My idea was that ftp-master could
decide either:

- this looks like a trivial packaging change, so we can let this one in


- this looks like a non-trivial packaging change, and I don't have time
  to look at it to see if it's correct.  Please find a sponsor to look
  over it.  If the sponsor says that it looks OK, then I'll take a
  closer look at it.

  (Of course, a responsible maintainer would know to find a sponsor for
  his package before he uploads it, if he knows that the packaging
  change is non-trivial, so ideally, ftp-master shouldn't need to make
  this rejection.  Ideally...)

> Oh, and a SONAME bump is a highly non-trivial thing, don't assume
> others maintain a whole bunch of libraries like you do :)

Well, it's more trivial than some of the package reorganizations that
I'm currently working on. ;)

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