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AM Report for Dominic Hargreaves

Report for new developer applicant Dominic Hargreaves <dom@earth.li>:

1. Identification & Background

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   Applicant writes:

My interest in Linux is largely as a sysadmin - I have been using
Linux since aroud 1998 and extensively since 2000 as a student. Since
2002 I have been a professional sysadmin in academia, and recently, an
ISP environment. More generally I enjoy the use of free software because
of the empowerment, choice and value it provides compared to
proprietory systems.

I became interested in Debian in early 2001 and have been using it ever
since, exclusively now at home and work. I value its sheer range of
packages and reputation it has for high quality, and I would like to
contribute to this. I am strongly in favour of keeping Debian a high
quality distribution that produces stable releases.

As my main contribution to Debian to date I have packaged a CGI
application (and many associated perl modules, some of which have
already been uploaded to Debian) that I'm involved with. When the
application matures sufficiently I plan to upload it to Debian too.
I have also adopted an orphaned package and aim to diligently report
bugs in the distribution whenever possible.

I have also taken an interest in the testing-security team, and although
since changing jobs haven't had much time to contribute, I helped
maintain their database of security issues in sarge prior to release.

I would like to continue to develop packages for Debian as well as
undertake general QA and bug-tracking issues as time permits if I am
made a Debian developer.

   Google says:

Dominic is active in the Perl world, and one of the authors of the openguides
project (http://openguides.org/).

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Dominic has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my questions about the Social Contract,
   DFSG, BTS etc. in a good way.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Dominic is Maintainer of several perl packages, all sponsored by Stephen
   Quinney. He also answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
   Account: dom
   Forward-Email: dom@earth.li

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