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Re: Question about FHS and where to put package files

This one time, at band camp, Martin Kelly said:
> Hi, I am very new to Debian packaging, and I just had a quick question:

This sort of thing is better suited to debian-mentors.

> The program I am trying to package is a kernel module for some wireless 
> drivers (http://sourceforge.net/projects/rtl8180-sa2400/). By default, 
> running a "make install" will install to /lib/modules/<kernel version>. 
> For the .deb package, should I have it install there or in /usr/lib?

That being said, /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/ is the normal place for
kernel modules, and that is where they go in debian as well.  There is a
fair amount of infrastructure in place for packagin kernel modules
already - if you move this conversation over to -mentors, I am sure you
will get some pointers to make life easier.
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