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AM report for Riccardo Setti <giskard@autistici.org>

Report for new developer applicant Riccardo Setti <giskard@autistici.org>:

1. Identification & Background
   Check with Keyid 0x84BF79C8:

   ID Check passed, Key signed by 2 DDs.

   Output from keycheck.sh 0x84BF79C8
   pub   1024D/84BF79C8 2003-12-07
         Key fingerprint = 279F B5BD CFC0 0C9F 0A1D  CA27 A24C 0721 84BF 79C8
   uid                  Riccardo Setti (giskard) <giskard@autistici.org>
   sig!3        1A686975 2004-01-20  Carlo Contavalli <ccontavalli@commedia.it>
   sig!3        E1EE3FB1 2004-05-08  Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>
   sig!3        84BF79C8 2003-12-07  Riccardo Setti (giskard) <giskard@autistici.org>
   4 signatures not checked due to missing keys
   Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key

   Applicant writes:
   | I'm Riccardo Setti and I'm 18 years old. I live in Italy and I study at
   | the secondary school.
   | One years ago I did my first installation of linux, obviously Debian. In
   | december 2003 I tried to build my first package needing it for
   | my work. Since this moment I'am interesting about the development of
   | debian.
   | For Debian I have translated some documents and I am the maintainer of
   | some packages, and this is what I wish to do in debian (for now).

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Riccardo understands the basic principles of Debian's Philosophy.
   He could answer all my questions about the Social Contract, the
   DFSG, the BTS and common procedures.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Riccardo is Maintainer of dhcdbd, galago-daemon, libgalago, 
   libgalago-gtk, galago-sharp, gnomoradio, gnome-presence-applet,
   modxslt, nvu, somaplayer, libsexy and the aolserver4-* packages
   (mostly sponsored by Loic Minier (lool) and Francesco Paolo
   Lovergine (frankie)). He also co-maintains notification-daemon
   and libnotify.

   He could answer my other questions regarding T&S.

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
   Account:       giskard
   Forward-Email: giskard@autistici.org

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