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2 Bangladeshi Maintainer applicants

Hi There!

I have 2 keen Bangladesh people who are interested in becoming
maintainers.  I did a key signing with them when Iwas over in Bangladesh
last November.

They are:

Jamil Ahmed <itsjamil@gmail.com>
Salahuddin Pasha <salahuddin.debian@gmail.com>

What steps can I undertake to accelerate there Maintainer application
process?  I am going to be sponsoring them and uploading their packages
to Debian.  Is it possible that I could be their Application Manager?

It would be really good to get them in quickly, as they are from a part
of the world where there are no Debian Maintainers.  From what I can
remember, Jamil may be working on translating OO.org into Bangla.


Matthew Grant

Matthew Grant <grantma@anathoth.gen.nz>
Matthew's UNIX Box

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