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[patch] please fix invalid envelope-from in nmadvocate.php (was: Re: problem with email sent by Advocate Page on https://nm.debian.org/)


In merkel:/org/nm.debian.org/wml/newmaint/nmadvocate.php, please change

 mail("$advocate@debian.org", "Advocate key for $forename $surname
  <$aemail>", $body, $headers);


 mail("$advocate@debian.org", "Advocate key for $forename $surname
  <$aemail>", $body, $headers, "-frecommend@nm.debian.org");

or, if www-data is not an Exim trusted user, in:

 mail("$advocate@debian.org", "Advocate key for $forename $surname
  <$aemail>", $body, $headers, "-f<>");

.  This change would make sure the envelope-from address used in sent
mail is valid.  Currently, it's www-data@merkel.debian.org which is
invalid.  Using an invalid From causes bounces to get lost.
Furthermore, it triggers some anti-spam checks which will lead to
undelivered mail.  (I myself suffered from that.)

Thanks, Bye,


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