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Re: [debian-newmaint] fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 08:08:36PM +1100, Helen Faulkner wrote:
[... explanations about the NM process accepted and snipped for brevity]

> > discouraging people willing to colaborate in areas other than development,
> > as document translation for instance, depriving them of the same rights
> > than the DDs, or cutting support to less popular architectures in favor of
> > more popular ones, like any comercial corporation would do.
> Not sure about the architecture question, but I entirely agree with you
> about the problem of depriving people like translators of rights such as
> the right to vote in Debian elections.  However that is really a
> different discussion.

Yes, a different discussion, but I really think that Debian is in need, or
it will be sooner or later, of a more wide spectrum of skills than coding,
and being Debian a kind of horizontal organization, everyone should enjoy
the same rights. 

Particularly there exist people who make a leaving organizing people from
different cultures efficiently around very big projects. My sister is an
anthropologist who does just that for a big transnational company. I guess
it must exist people with this kind of skills willing and eager to
colaborate with Debian, providing that they are treated with fairness.


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