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Re: [debian-newmaint] fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

[honouring MFT]

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 01:41:37AM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 04:36:47AM -0300, Blu Corater wrote:
> > I have considered many times to apply to become part of the proyect, but
> > nowdays I more often regret not having done it back then, mainly because
> > with the current states of things I find quite ridiculous to be evaluated
> > for more than three years to be accepted.
> I find this to be a ridiculous exaggeration.  The average time from AM
> assignment to account creation is much *less* than three years among those
> applicants who have become Debian Developers over the past six months; and
> the time spent on NM varies with the preparedness of the candidate.  It also
> varies according to when the applicant entered the queue, as applicants are
> completing the process faster now than they were last year before the DAM
> backlog was cleared.  The average, though, seems to be something less than 1
> year.

Woo, I'm above average.

This does all sound very negative for applicants.  Some applicants have
been delayed by their AMs.  I was for instance - it took madkiss three
months to write one email recommending me to the DAM for instance after
I'd passed T&S (and he's since realised he doesn't have time for NM and
resigned as an AM).

Given the NM database doesn't keep track of the dates/times of the email
conversation back and forth it's hard to tell where the delays were.

My personal NM email trail has delays on both sides to be fair and
Martin did a fine job so I'm not trying to slag him off here.  To say
that delays are on the side of the applicant without mentioning that
they can also be on the side of the AM is a little unfair though.

Oh whilst I'm talking about NM, the other thing that is slightly odd
about the process is the order people are taken off the DAM queue once
they've been through all the stages.  I spoke to Ganneff about this and
he said there isn't any particular order.  This sort of makes sense -
some reports are presumably harder to know what to do with than others -
but it doesn't help people stuck in the DAM queue to have any idea of
when they'll be processed.  For instance I'm now almost at the bottom of
that list.  Is that good?  Is it terrible?  Who knows?  :)


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