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AM report for Sandra Jean Chua

Report for new developer applicant Sandra Jean Chua:

1. Identity verification

ID check passed, key signed by existing DD:

  pub   1024D/E7FDF77C 2004-03-30
      Key fingerprint = 77E8 1787 CD6A D28C E8A7  03D5 110E 7F84 E7FD F77C
  uid               Sandra Jean Chua (Sacha) <sacha@free.net.ph>
  sig!      CD3756F4 2004-10-16  Junichi Uekawa <dancer@debian.org>
  sig!1     004DA6B4 2004-11-08  OHASHI Akira <bg66@debian.org>
  sig!3     C2CE8099 2004-10-26  NOKUBI Takatsugu <knok@daionet.gr.jp>
  sig!3     E7FDF77C 2004-03-30  Sandra Jean Chua (Sacha) <sacha@free.net.ph>
  sub   1024g/C75B948C 2004-03-30
  sig!      E7FDF77C 2004-03-30  Sandra Jean Chua (Sacha) <sacha@free.net.ph>

Sacha writes:

  Sacha's a personal information management geekette from the
  Philippines currently taking up a master's degree in human-computer
  interaction at the University of Toronto. She does almost everything
  she needs in Emacs. Oh, and she's learning how to juggle...

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Sacha has a good understanding of Debian's Philosophy and Procedures.

She gave good answers to all my questions about the Social Contract,
DFSG, BTS etc.

3. Tasks and Skills

Sacha is doing a good job of maintaining the planner-el and
remember-el packages, sponsored by Ohashi Akira.

She gave good answers to all my Tasks and Skills questions.

4. Recommendation

I recommend accepting Sacha as a Debian Developer.


Moray Allan

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