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DAM queue progress

After the very positive announcement in the Bits from the DAM in February 
[1], I had very good hopes of speedy processing to DD status.
Unfortunately, it seems like DAM processing has ground to a standstill. 
AFAICT the last DAM approval was almost a month ago and the last actual 
account creation was well over a month ago.

I am aware the people who have to do this have been very busy with other, 
maybe more necessary stuff (like NEW processing, the AMD archive move, 
release work, keeping up with all the mail from the Vancouver proposal 
and DPL election) and with very good results, but I still feel it is a 
shame that one area of work is being completely ignored.

I know I am expected to just wait it out, but I am starting to feel 
frustrated by the wait as it is blocking me from doing things I could do.
Until now it was possible to work around the lack of DD status, mainly by 
getting other people working on the Installer to do stuff for me.
It does hold me back a bit as most of them do enough as it is and I'd 
rather relieve them of some work then having to ask them to to stuff for 

Last week however I read on IRC a cry for help from Branden with regard to 
release management for xfree86 for Woody and Sarge (after release) and 
I've offered to help out with that. Only without being able to upload the 
packages, that offer is mostly empty.

I very much hope that DAM queue processing will be picked up again.

Frans Pop

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/02/msg00003.html

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