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Re: Waiting for account creation by DAM

Fabio Tranchitella <kobold@kobold.it> writes:

> 29/04/2005, 20.49 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow:
>> James is traveling in australia currently. Till Monday??? Not much
>> longer afaik.
> Does this mean that I'll have my account created soon? Why the NM has a

It only means it won't be created before then.

> bottleneck if James is busy? [1] Is there something that I can do to
> have my account created (or rejected) soon instead of waiting for weeks
> (or months)? [2]

The account creation and adding your key to the debian keyring is a
very serious step as it opens all kinds of doors for you. It is
tightly controled who can update it at all and even more tightly who
should/will update it.

Namely that is just James who will do it. Yes it is a horribly tight
bottleneck. Just be happy. until very recently James had to approve
you too and that took even longer.

> Thanks for your reply, and sorry if my questions are too silly.
> Fabio
> [1] I'm not sarcastic, I really don't know the reasons why 
>     this process is handled so. 
> [2] Here too, I don't want to be sarcastic. I'd like just to do my 
>     best for Debian, and it isn't easy if I can't upload to the archive
>     by myself, especially while we are near to release.

Nothing you can do. People have tried and it mostly had the reverse
effect. Keep doing what you do for Debian and live with having to need
a sponsor.

        Goswin (who also looks in from the outside)

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