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Re: some questions about my NM process

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Hidetaka Iwai escreveu:
:: Hello, all.

	Hello! :)

:: I received the last mail from my AM, Martin Loschwitz,
:: on 24 Feb 2004, and I have no mail from him since then.
:: I also check [1]my NM status on the web, and there is
:: no change.
::  1. http://nm.debian.org/nmstatus.php?email=tyuyu%40debian.or.jp
:: I have some questions with my NM process.
::  1) Am I holded? How can I check this?

	If you look in the [1]applicants page, you will see
that you are not on hold, at least, not in the system, but
your AM is the best person to answer that. ;)


::  2) Is there anything I can do about this?

	Not sure, but sometimes people get busy periods in
life, you can ping your AM and try to reach him in the IRC
or in some other way to get some info about what's going

	Depending on what happened your AM is just too busy,
ping him, wait about 3 weeks, try again, wait more 3 weeks
and then try to contact NM Front Desk, it is not a formal
procedure but a "good one". :-)

	But, Martin Loschwitz should be signed to NM-list
and probably already read your message. I believe that he
will answer as soon as possible.


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