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New Maintainer

Hello all;

I am Rituraj from pune.. India. A Debian user for past
4 months. I am committed to Open source movement and
would like to contribute to the Debian project.

I am not a developer. I have been working as a
GNU/Linux system administrator for past 3.5
years(mainly on redhat). Recent months i have been
experimenting a lot with LFS and Debian and learning
many more things which i didnt in redhat.

Skills: 1) I have fairly good at documentation.
2) Good understanding of linux principles/FHS and
different services configuration.
3) Troubleshooting/debugging involving debugging

 I would like to start off by maintaining some
packages and/or documenting for packages. I have gone
through wnpp  list of packages(plan to adopt a
txt2html as a starting point) and currently reading
new-main guide. After i finish with the tutorial on
howto build a package i will practise a bit on
packaging some other small apps/utilities.

I really wonder why Debian is not much popular here in
India. I see only two developers on Debian site from
india. Even linux user awareness i too low. I have
small circle of friends to whom i always demonstrate
how Debian is more flexible and robust than any other

Anyways thanks a lot for providing the Universal OS..i
will keep posting and try to help the the project with
the best of my capabilities.
Thanks and Regards;

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