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AM report for Christoph Berg <cb@df7cb.de>

Report for new developer applicant Christoph Berg <cb@df7cb.de>:

1. Identification & Background
   Check with Keyid 0x58510B5A:

   ID Check passed, Key signed by 12 DDs, including Joerg Jaspert (joerg).

   Output from keycheck.sh 0x58510B5A
   pub  1024D/58510B5A 2004-04-17 Christoph Berg <cb@df7cb.de>
        Key fingerprint = D224 C8B0 7E63 A694 6DA3  2E07 C5AF 774A 5851 0B5A
   sig!        4743206C 2004-06-28   Joachim Breitner <mail@joachim-breitner.de>
   sig!        9B7C328D 2004-06-29   Luk Claes <luk@debian.org>
   sig!        C3B2FCDE 2004-06-30   Gergely Nagy <algernon@bonehunter.rulez.org>
   sig!2       64011A8B 2004-07-01   Jonathan Oxer <jon@keysigning.org>
   sig!3       75BE8097 2004-06-28   Florian Lohoff <flo@rfc822.org>
   sig!3       D14235A0 2004-06-30   Thiemo Seufer <ths@debian.org>
   sig!3       7E7B8AC9 2004-07-02   Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org>
   sig!3       3E8DCCC0 2004-07-06   Martin Wuertele <martin@wuertele.net>
   sig!3       BC7D020A 2004-07-08   Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org>
   sig!3       07447252 2004-07-30   Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@gmx.net>
   sig!3       307D56ED 2004-09-18   Noèl Köthe <noel@debian.org>
   sig!3       718A9256 2004-11-30   Wesley W. Terpstra <wesley@terpstra.ca>
   sig!3       58510B5A 2004-04-17   Christoph Berg <cb@df7cb.de>
   Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key
   Key is ok

   Applicant writes:
   | I am a 27 year old computer science PhD student living in Saarbrcken
   | in south-western Germany. I discovered the world of Linux and open
   | source somewhere around 1995 and came to Debian about 3 years later.
   | [...]
   | On the non-Debian grounds, I am the upstream of ircmarkers and one of
   | the active pisg developers. I am active on #mutt and #procmail and in
   | the MuttWiki.
   | [...]
   | in which I'd like to contribute to Debian include ham radio
   | applications, more Bridge-related packages, i18n support (utf-8,
   | gettext, DDTP, aspell dictionaries), and QA work. And of course lots
   | of other things as time evolves :-)

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Christoph has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my Questions about Social Contract,
   DFSG, BTS etc. in a good way.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Christoph is Maintainer of aspell-de, endeavour, image-size,
   ircmarkers, latex-bridge, usemod-wiki and xmms-coverviewer, all 
   Packages in Debian (sponsored by Alexander Wirt (formorer), René
   Engelhard (rene) and Frank Küster (frank)).
   He also answered my other Questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
   Account:       myon
   Forward-Email: cb@df7cb.de

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