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Re: Suggestion about final report.

* Yooseong Yang <yooseong@debian.org> [2004-11-05 09:41]:
> Going over document regarding AM, I hope to suggest one in 
> final report for FD and DAM:
> If one applicant has his sponsor as DD, AM send his final 
> report including his sponsor comment about an applicant. 

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say, so please correct me
if I'm wrong.  Is your suggestion that the sponsor of an applicant (if
there is one) should write a short recommendation which the AM can
attach to the report?  Yeah, some AMs contact the sponsors and ask for
their opinion, and in some cases the sponsor is the same person as the
advocate anyway.  In general, getting opinions from different people
is always a good idea.

> 2.1 If there is an applicant's sponsor, sponsor's comment
>   * Attached

You don't need to put fillers like that in the report.  If you have
good material, just attach it - there's no need to say so because it
will be obvious when reading the report anyway...
Martin Michlmayr

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