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Re: Q: Debian Account Manager - Developer Accounts Manager


Am Freitag, 29.10.04 um 17:13 Uhr schrieb Martin Michlmayr:

Funny, I never noticed this.  I've personally always used "Debian
Account Manager".  I think we should get consensus on this list and
then fix the web site for consistency.

Seems there is not much interest in it.

So we have four possible alternatives:

Debian Account Manager [1] [2]
Debian Accounts Manager [1]
Developer Accounts Manager [1] [2]
Developer Account Manager [1]

[1] lists.debian.org
[2] www.debian.org

As far as I understand the DAM administrates the Debian Developer Accounts - Access to the debian machines and other things

"These are the people who manage user accounts on Debian machines, and finalize the details of membership by assigning accounts to new developers."
is taken for the Debian Dictionary from Debian Website.

Debian Account Manager is used most times, I think.

Personally I think, the wording is confusing and Debian Access Manager would fit the meaning better. But that is not my term.

I think, I will assign DAM in the dictionary to Debian Account Manager and make a link from Developer Accounts Manager to Debian Account Manager in the glossary. - Is that okay?




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