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Re: Starting my new maintainer job

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 08:22:16AM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 10034 March 1977, Yooseong Yang wrote:
> > After I have read stuffs relating to NM process as a new AM, I am greek to use script keycheck.sh.
> > I think the script needs the directory $home/debian. After an applicant upload his keyid to
> > key server, I copy his public key into $home/debian as filename "nm.gpg", then run the script
> > keycheck.sh?
> No. It needs DESTDIR, wherever you point that too (Look in the script).
> And then you invoke it with keycheck.sh KEYID and wait for the output.
> rsync and gnupg should be installed on your machine of course :)
> The script will then rsync the Debian Keyrings, fetch the NMs key from a
> keyserver and list all sigs that are from people which have a key in the
> Debian Keyring.
> If you keep DELETE=no in the script it also compares with previous NMs
> keys.
> Gnupg also outputs "XXX Signatures not checked due to missing keys" if
> there are signatures from other keys.
> After that you get a "Key is ok" if its > Version 4 or a long warning if
> its not.
> BTW: Read the header of the script, its all there. :)

I am clear to what the explanation in the scipt says. =)


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