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AM Report for Eric Warmenhoven

Report for new developer applicant Eric Warmenhoven <eric@warmenhoven.org>.

Summary: Accept

1. Identification & Background
Check with key ID 54AD21B5:

ID Check passed, key signed by developer Jeremy T. Bouse.

Output for keycheck.sh 54AD21B5:

  pub  1024D/54AD21B5 2004-04-03 Eric Warmenhoven <eric@warmenhoven.org>
       Key fingerprint = 89AF A298 E9CC D212 1660  3EC6 04B7 3170 54AD 21B5
  sig!3       54AD21B5 2004-04-03   Eric Warmenhoven <eric@warmenhoven.org>
  sig!3   P   29AB4CDD 2004-04-22   Jeremy T. Bouse (Debian Maintainer Key) <jbouse@debian.org>
  sub  1024g/D4FF53F8 2004-04-03
  sig!        54AD21B5 2004-04-03   Eric Warmenhoven <eric@warmenhoven.org>

  3 signatures not checked due to missing keys
  Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key
  Key is ok

Eric Warmenhoven writes:

  I'm a 23 year old software engineer for a storage company in San
  Jose. I got started with Linux seven years ago when a classmate gave
  me a Red Hat CD. Two years later, someone clued me into how much
  better apt-get was, and I've been using Debian since.

  In early 2000 I started working on gaim, and spent nearly two years
  working on that. I added OSCAR support (the official AOL protocol,
  which is now also used by ICQ), multi-protocol support, plugins, ....

  For Debian, besides just creating and maintaining packages, I'd like
  to get involved in the new maintainer process, possibly becoming an AM

Random google findings:

  Homepage: http://www.warmenhoven.org/
  Upstream software: http://www.warmenhoven.org/src/
  Blog: http://www.livejournal.com/users/warmenhoven/
  Various articles he's written: http://linuxtoday.com/search.php3?author=Eric:Warmenhoven

2. Philosophy and Procedures
Eric has an adequate understanding of Debian's philosophy and
procedures.  He provided acceptable answers to all my questions about
the Social Contract, DFSG, and other Debianisms.

3. Tasks and Skills
Eric is the maintainer of:

  mutella (sponsored by Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org>)

Eric also answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
I recommend Eric as a Debian developer.
Account: warmenhoven
Forward-Email: eric@warmenhoven.org

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