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Re: New AM and sponsor for fixed packages?

On Sat, Jun 05, 2004 at 11:28:51AM +0200, Rafal Zawadzki wrote:
> At the beginning I have to say, that i wrote at debian-mentors, but 
> without answer. I've also was trying to contact with my first sponsor, 
> without answer :(

The debian-mentors problem is a known one, but unfortunately there's not
much that can be done to fix it -- people don't always want to sponsor
random packages.  Such is life.

> I'v closed bugs for some my packages:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?which=maint&data=bluszcz%40ats.com.pl&archive=no
> (#226478, #205604, #227175,  #252716,#252717 and #252718) and put it in 
> my private repository:
> deb http://bluszcz.pl/debian/ unstable main
> deb-src http://bluszcz.pl/debian/ unstable main
> but nobody wants to upload it :(

Several of those bugs are important level; I'd ask debian-qa if someone
there would sponsor an upload.  You might have to live with it being an NMU,
but it certainly should be possible if you ask nicely.

> I've also debianized barrage game (in the same repositorium),
> 251867: Acknowledgement ITP: barrage
> but the same problem as above :(

With the same response as above, unfortunately.

> Next my problem, is how to get AM?
> http://nm.debian.org/nmstatus.php?email=bluszcz@jabberpl.org
> (I changed also my GnuGP key...)...

New GPG key means you'll have to redo the ID check; that is, get it signed
by a DD and present it to your AM.  For finding out how to get back in the
queue, e-mail the front-desk at new-maintainers@debian.org, it looks like
you might have slipped through the cracks.

- Matt

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