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AM report for Christoph Haas <email@christoph-haas.de>

Summary: Accept

Christoph Hass describes himself this way:

I'm a 30 year old computer scientist who has been a Linux addict for 14
years. After I got told of Debian I switched to Debian in 2002 and never
looked back. I'm currently maintaining two Debian packages:
'ethstatus' is already in the distribution. 'cream' is ready to be
uploaded. More packages are already in the queue.

Besides doing usual tasks (user support on IRC and mailing lists, doing
translations, complaining about bugs and writing tutorials for
http://workaround.org) I started a larger project with Ivo Marino and
Christoph Siess: "mentors.debian.net". I sponsored the hardware and
negotiated the sponsored internet connection at a local ISP to run a
public Debian package repository. Our intention was to improve the
package quality from new maintainers and make them familiar with the
upload process. I created an import system similar to mini-dinstall in
Perl that is compatible with dput and dupload. New maintainers use this
storage to make their packages publicly available so that potential
sponsors can have a look at it. This service has been available for
eight months now and we already have 155 developers registered. We
presented our service in a speech at the LinuxTag 2003 in

I'm working as a network security engineer in a large german mail-order
company (90.000 employees). At work I have held Debian workshops and am
helping to migrate the network infrastructure servers to Debian. I'm
running several servers myself including a Squid proxy cluster.

My skills are mainly network and system administration. I am very
familiar with Perl, C, PHP and MySQL and have already created a lot of
web-based intranet services. I'm currently trying to learn C++.

Non-digitally I'm living in Hamburg/Germany and will be raising a child
I'm about to receive. I hope he will leave me some spare time for
Debian. :)

In the future I intend to do more package maintainance and add more
features to the mentors.debian.net service. Perhaps it will be possible
to include the server into the NM process one day. I also hope to fix an
RC bug or two.

1. Identification

pub  1024D/79CC6586 2003-01-05 Christoph Haas <email@christoph-haas.de>
sig!       79CC6586 2003-01-05  Christoph Haas <email@christoph-haas.de>
sig?       C05209F2 2003-01-21
sig!       90A8A14D 2003-01-21  Scott Hanson <shanson@shcon.com>
sub  2048g/8AEC64AF 2003-01-05
sig!       79CC6586 2003-01-05  Christoph Haas <email@christoph-haas.de>

pub  1024R/90A8A14D 1995-10-24 Scott Hanson <shanson@shcon.com>
     Key fingerprint = 49 3B 25 6E EC AE EC 82  F3 FD 4E A9 3F 86 A3 3A
uid                            Scott Hanson <shanson@debian.org>
uid                            Scott Hanson <shanson@mail.hh.provi.de>

Matches db.debian.org.

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Has answered all my questions to my satisfaction.

3. Tasks and Skills

Maintains ethstatus and does so well.


// Ola

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