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AM Report for Samuel Mimram

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AM Report for NM applicant Samuel Mimram <samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.org>:

1. Identification & Background
- ------------------------------

$ gpg --check-sigs 800969EF
pub  1024D/800969EF 2003-09-14 Samuel Mimram <samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.org>
sig!3       6D4FC66F 2003-11-30   Nicolas Boullis <nboullis@debian.org>
sig!3       800969EF 2003-11-02   Samuel Mimram <samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.org>
uid                            Samuel Mimram <samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.fr>
sig!3       6D4FC66F 2003-11-30   Nicolas Boullis <nboullis@debian.org>
sig!3       800969EF 2003-09-14   Samuel Mimram <samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.org>
sub  2048g/6784D1DF 2003-09-14
sig!        800969EF 2003-09-14   Samuel Mimram <samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.org>

His key is signed by Nicolas Boullis <nboullis@debian.org>.
ID Check passed.

   Applicant writes:
- --8<------------------------schnipp------------------------->8---
I'm a french student in computer science at the ENS Lyon in France. I
came to linux thanks to friends and now I only use it. I try to
administrate mine as well as possible and I installed a few linux for
friends or family.  I think open source software is the only form of
software which is going to last because it has so many advantages
(transparency, bugs quickly corrected, features can easily be added, you
have a control on your data since its format is public, etc) including
for companies. That's why I want to help free software. And since I
think Debian is a very good distribution (very serious, good packaging
system) I decided to become a DD.

For Debian I intent to maintain some packages, especialy concerning the
OCaml programming language which is a wonderful not-well-known
functionnal programming language (the debian-ocaml-maint team told me
they did not have time to maintain as many packages as they would like
to). But more generally, if I find programs useful for me and there is
no equivalent program in the official Debian distribution, I think I'll
package them.
- --8<------------------------schnapp------------------------->8---

2. Philosophy and Procedures
- -----------------------------
   Sam has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and Procedures. He
   correctly answered all my Questions about Social Contract, DFSG, BTS

3. Tasks and Skills
- -------------------
   Sam is Maintainer of ocaml-mysql and equeue, available in the Debian
   archive.  I checked equeue and it is in excellent shape!  He also
   answered my other Questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
- -----------------
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
   Account:        smimram
   Forward-Email:  samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.org

- --Joe
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