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Re: NM-committee voting scheme

* Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> [2004-02-20 13:28]:
> the NM committee seems to be a fairly recent thing and its role in a
> rejection doesn't seem to be documented in the New Maintainer Corner.

That page is pending a major rewrite.

> But I'm not sure I understand the numbers needed for overruling
> right, the part about "net".

The stuff about "net" was in response to public recommendations; it
has never been defined how agreement is handled in the case of the
nm-committee.  It only said 1/4 of the committee has to disagree;
I don't know how people who disagree with those who disagree
(i.e. who argree with the rejection) are handled.  But I guess it onl
matters if 1/4 disagrees - if the other 3/4 agree with the DAM or
abstain might not matter.  I'm not sure, though, to be honest.

> Can members abstain? Does that happen?

This has been what the majority did so far.

> ultimate rejection:
> The DAM has to be replaced, which is very unlikely.

No, there can be a GR about accepting the applicant against the DAM's
wish (you don't have to replace the DAM, just override him in that
Martin Michlmayr

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