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AM report for David Harris <dbharris@eelf.ddts.net>

Summary for David B Harris <dbharris@eelf.ddts.net>

Part of this report is based on Brandon L. Griffith's report from back
in August 2001 (see [1] for the summary).  There were some
complications with the ID check and David decided to drop out at some
point; he has done lots of work in the meantime though, and recently
decided to go through NM again.  As I said, my report is partly based
on Brandon's.  That is, I took his P&P, and asked for more P&P as well
as T&S, etc.


David's key (0x59DDCB9F) has been signed by Jeff Bailey and Lukas Geyer.

pub  4096R/59DDCB9F 2003-12-31 David B Harris <dbharris@eelf.ddts.net>
     Key fingerprint = CC53 F124 35C0 7BC2 58FE  7A3C 157D DFD9 59DD CB9F
sig!3       D0980A99 2004-01-08   Jeff Bailey <jbailey@debian.org>
sig!3       7F9DA3B2 2004-01-08   Lukas Geyer <lukas@debian.org>
sig!3       59DDCB9F 2003-12-31   David B Harris <dbharris@eelf.ddts.net>


David writes, "I'm currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm
23 years old, and a systems administrator by heredity and trade. I've
worked professionally for 5 years, and unprofessionally (typically at
night, when nobody else was around) for a couple of years before that.

I was first introduced to Debian via 2.1 (though it's possible I might
have been introduced to it much earlier via a set of Infomagic CDs),
and since the release of 2.2 I've taken a more active role in the
Debian community as a whole. For the past two and a half years, I've
been more involved with the packaging side of things. I currently
either maintain or comaintain the following packages: gmrun, ipband,
sopwith, snac, shaper, gqmpeg, dpatch, alsa-{driver,modules,oss,utils}.

I've been using and operating computers since I was a young boy - I
believe I was around four when I was allowed to play with a parent's
mainframe login, and I was around five or six when I received my first
personal computer, an Atari. These days I tend to stick with commodity
hardware, as it's plentiful, cheap, and powerful (enough)."

Philosophy & Procedures

David understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks & Skills

David is the co-maintainer (with Jordi Mallach and Steve Kowalik) of
various ALSA packages (alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-modules-i386,
alsa-oss & alsa-utils) and of dpatch (with Joerg Jaspert and Gergely
Nagy).  He also maintains gmrun, gqmpeg, ipband, shaper, snac and
sopwith.  David has various sponsors over the years, I got in touch
with Jordi Mallach and Luca Filipozzi who both recommended him.  He
has been part of the Debian community for a long time, and is quite
helpful on IRC (where he is known as ElectricElf).


I recommend that David be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint-discuss/2001/debian-newmaint-discuss-200108/msg00012.html
Martin Michlmayr

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