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Re: Guidelines for preparing AM reports

Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:

> I've therefore asked Scott James Remnant to write a simple script
> which takes an mbox and generates something sane:

Uah, that script is a python-bastard. :)
Well, for all people that need it it is now in the cvs for nm-templates
on alioth.

> RSA keys
> ========
> A note about GPG keys: RSA keys are fine as long as they are version 4 or
> higher.  You can check this the following way:
>   gpg --export -a 2A5B2B0D > 2A5B2B0D
>   gpg -vv 2A5B2B0D
> This produces a long output cointaining stuff like "version 4, algo 17,
> created 974499721, expires 0".  version 3 cannot be accepted, version 4 is
> fine.

For that i added a little thing to the keycheck.sh script also
available in that cvs. It prints a warning if the version is below 4.
Well, its a bit stupid but it works for now and me.

(I check if version 4 is in the first 4 lines of gpg -vv output. As
that should be the version for the Main Key and not for the sigs.)

bye Joerg
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