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AM Report for Stephen Gava <smig@users.sourceforge.net>

Report for applicant Stephen Gava <smig@users.sourceforge.net>

Summary: I recommend that Debian accept Stephen's application.

pub  1024D/E353533C 2003-08-20 Stephen M. Gava (smig) <smig@users.sourceforge.net>
sig!3       E353533C 2003-08-20   Stephen M. Gava (smig) <smig@users.sourceforge.net>
sig!3       68FD549F 2003-10-14   Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>
sub  1024g/EA4E294D 2003-08-20
sig!        E353533C 2003-08-20   Stephen M. Gava (smig) <smig@users.sourceforge.net>

Stephen's key is signed by our illustrious leader, Martin Michlmayr
(tbm).  I even double-checked with tbm on IRC to make sure, since
that's, of course, a more trusted medium... ;)  I've encouraged Stephen
to sign with other developers as well to bring him better into the web
of trust and he's agreed to.

Stephen writes about himself:
At this stage of my career I'm a "jack of many trades" I.T. consultant.  In the 
past I have been in technical support (hardware, software and networking) and 
have been a sysadmin, a programmer and an analyst.

I first became attracted to both the philosophical and technical aspects of 
free software in the earlier days of GNU/Linux, installing early slackware 
versions on pc's from an enormous stack of floppy disks. I also became aware 
of, and began experimenting with, debian, quite early in the project's life.

Work requirements and personal interest over the years since then have led me 
to use many of the major GNU/Linux distributions and several of the free BSD 
variants, but I have always found the most comfortable fit for my own outlook 
in debian, and over the last few years have run debian as my personal 
platform of preference except where impossible (eg. retaining a box on my lan 
that can boot to a proprietary os on rare occasions for software testing 

I have previously contributed to free software as a software author and by 
programming on and coordinating a developmental sub-project for the python 
project. I saw the orphanning of a debian package that I had upstream 
developmental involvement with as the perfect opportuinity to begin 
contributing more directly to debian itself, so I adopted that package.  I 
intend to look at additional software to package, or orphanned packages to 
adopt, as well as looking for a place where I think my skills can contribute 
to the debian project infrastrucutre.

I am firmly committed to the philosophical and technical principles of free 
software, and intend to continue to advocate and support the use of debian 
GNU/Linux in my private and working life as I have done in the past, and I 
look forward to being able to contribute to and participate in debian more 
directly as a debian developer.  

Philosophy & Procedures
Stephen has clearly shown that he understands and agrees with the Debian
Social Contract, DFSG and the DMUP.  He has agreed to abide by them.  He
answered clearly and correctly all of the questions from the 1.21
version of nm_pp.txt[1] As well as my follow-up questions for him.
P&P check passed.

Tasks & Skills
Stephen packages psyching for Debian and it is currently in Debian via
his sponsor.  The package is in very good shape and looks quite clean.
Being a python-based program which is mostly self-contained the
packaging is relatively simple and Stephen has interest in contributing
in other ways to Debian as well.  Stephen also did quite well with the
questions from nm_ts.txt[1] and my follow-up questions.

Stephen is an excellent candidate.  He has a number of skills which will
benefit Debian greatly.  His psyching package is kept in good order and
I look forward to the other contributions from Stephen in the future.  I
recommend Stephen be welcomed into Debian.

	Stephen Frost
	Application Manager

[1] http://goliathbbs.dnsalias.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/

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