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AM notification upon DAM approval

By popular demand (?) [1], the AM of an applicant is now informed when
the applicant is DAM approved.  However, this is done on nm.d.o rather
than *samosa.d.o - nm.d.o is not authoritative and so the mail may be
sent in error.

[1] Pasc asked for it recently, and I remember various AMs asking for
this in the past (mhp wrote some shell scripts which monitored the web
site for this purpose).

P. S.  Oh, if people are really annoyed by these mails, I could
introduce a variable you can set to opt out.  But I think writing the
code for this is really not the effort if you can just delete one mail
every once in a while.  (Coding this notification probably wasn't
really worth it either, but...)
Martin Michlmayr

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