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AM report for Jarno Elonen <elonen@iki.fi>

Report for new developer applicant: Jarno Elonen

1. Identification & Background

Jarno was advocated by Riku Voipio:

  I know Jarno Elonen personally, he worked as my boss at my previous
  workplace. I hold great respect to both his open source vision, as
  well as to his programming and Unix/Linux skills. He has
  participated debian's kde and openoffice work and his packages (Agi
  studio, soikko, nagi that I plan to sponsor ) have been well done,
  and all packaging-related problems in those packages have been
  quickly resolved. I believe Jarno would be great value to the
  project as a developer.

GPG Keyid: F512B8CB

Jarno's key is signed by Riku Voipio.


Jarno says about himself:

  I'm a programmer and have done mostly computer game development - in
  a very broad sense - for living. I'm pretty fluent in wide variety
  of aspects in software development and have had a chance to do
  pretty much anything from sound and graphics design to scripting,
  GUI programming, webmastering, video codec design and project

  Even after having been a founder in two companies, however, I still
  dislike business world in principle. In addition to being greedy and
  competitive by definition, it all feels kind of shallow: do boring
  and questionable things to get a product sold for a couple of months
  and then just forget about it - keeping all the copyrights and code
  for yourself, "just in case" or "to protect the owners'
  value". While I like the work itself, I loathe wasting and
  competition. A human life is short and I know I can contribute more
  that that. Until the business culture changes radically or I give up
  IT for something completely different, "Sustainable Software" on my
  free time is the way to go about it.

  Some of my activities:

   + Finnish translations of a few programs
   + Packaging and fixing applications (KDE apps, 
     OpenOffice, video and graphics stuff)
   + Upstream development: http://agistudio.sf.net/
   + Open *Content* projects like
     http://sanakirja.sf.net/ (an ambitious Finnish<->English lexicon project)
     Creative Commons @ Finland (discussing, maybe scripting, coming up)
   + Webmastering EFFI.org (Electronic Frontier Finland)
   + Debian specific development:

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Jarno shows a very personnal and deep understanding of Free Software
and Debian philosophies.  He was able to answer all my Questions about
Social Contract, DFSG, BTS etc. to my satisfaction.

I am confident in Jarno's knowledge in both philosophy and policy.

3. Tasks and Skills

Jarno is Maintainer of agistudio and nagi.  Both are very well
packaged.  He also answered my other Questions regarding T&S without
major problem.  Jarno proved he is able to maintain packages and to
contribute to Debian.

4. Recommendation

I recommend that Jarno be accepted into the Debian project as a

  Account: elonen
  Forward-Email: elonen@iki.fi


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