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Re: Dudes about cdbs & tarballs

[this mails should be addressed to debian-mentors, probably]

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 12:34:34AM +0100, Ghe Rivero wrote:
> 	I've been working a little with cdbs and is a great tool but... 
> when you use tarball.mk, the sources are decompress under
> build-tree/package-version/. To properly work with this, i need to
> changes all the references (package.files, packages.doc... and even
> commands in rules) to reference this new "builddir". Is there any way to
> avoid this, so if anytime i use again decompreses sources the change is
> not so drastical?

mailutils uses the tarball method. Have a look at the rules file.
Basically, you want to set a varaible name to the build dir, and use the
variable instead of the full path whenever you want to use the path.
Also, try to avoid .files, and switch to dh_install.

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