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Re: Michael Koch on hold

Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net> writes:

> Brian Nelson wrote:
>> I have not heard from Michael since August and he has not responded to
>> my pings, so I'm placing him on hold for now.
> One of the criteria for rejecting an application is the lack of skill,
> preparation, or time to complete the new maintainer process. It seems
> like Michael would fall into the category of inadequate time. I
> suppose it could be a network connectivity problem. In that case, he
> would not to have the necessary resources to be a DD.

True, but I don't want to reject an applicant without warning him first.
I'm putting him on hold as a warning and will reject him in a month or
so if I still don't hear from him.

Don't worry, it's *in*-flammable.

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