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AM Report for Thibaut VARENE

Greetings again,

Report for new developer applicant: Thibaut Varene

1. Identification & Background

Thibaut, or "T-Bone" as he likes to be called, was advocated by Mathew
Wilcox <willy@debian.org>:

  Thibaut has been a valuable contributing member of the PA-RISC Linux
  port for over a year.  His enthusiasm, ability to work as part of
  the team, willingness to learn new things and help others all lead
  me to recommend that he become a part of the Debian project.  We
  have never had a cause to regret having him join us, and I suspect
  Debian will not either.  He is committed to the cause of Free
  Software and due to his native french tongue is not apt to be
  confused between gratis & libre.

GPG Keyid: 0xB7D2F063

Thibaut's key is signed by a large number of Debian developers
including Ryan Murray, Matt Taggart, Bdale Garbee and LaMont
Jones. Hiss key is attached to this message.


Thibaut is a French Engineering student who has been using computers
since he was 12. He's been very involved in the Free Software
community as a PA-RISC porter and has been encouraged by many of
colleagues on other projects to apply as a Debian developer since he's
interested and capable of helping out in the Debian project. Speaking
of his role in free software in the past, Thibaut said:

  I've been contributing to the PA-RISC/Linux porting effort for over
  a year. I felt a great interest for that project, since it enabled
  me to work with very interesting people, coming from various
  horizons; to experience time shifts in team work; to learn many
  things I wouldn't even have guessed otherwise; and moreover, to
  contribute to the Community's effort by helping as best as I could.

2. Philosophy and Procedures

I asked Thibaut a large number of questions about Debian philosophy
and procedure. Thibaut had a firm knowledge of Free Software and
philosophy and has strong opinions on the subject. We engaged in a
long series of emails on free software philosophy and while there was
a couple unclear areas at the beginning, he was open to correction and
interested to learn and discuss. 

I am confident in Thibaut's knowledge in both philosophy and policy.

3. Tasks and Skills

Thibaut is a porter so he doesn't maintain any packages in the archive
and isn't particularly interested in doing this in the future. He has
created versions of many Debian packages as part of his porting work
and has worked closely with other Debian PA-RISC porters for over a
year. Both Bdale Garbee and LaMont Jones have written emails to me
about Thibaut vouching for the high quality of his work and confirming
his technical competence.

4. Recommendation

I recommend that Thibaut be accepted into the Debian project as a

  Account: varenet
  Forward-Email: varenet@parisc-linux.org


Benjamin Mako Hill

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