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Re: Packages in the archive

* Joachim Breitner <debian@joachim-breitner.de> [2003-10-17 07:25]:
> is this distinction (I am a package maintainer, I am a porter, I am
> a QA person, I am a DPL *g*) of any importance, once someone is a
> full Debian Developer? Or is that only for the applicants that want
> to start as porter and therefore don't need a package for the NM
> process, but once they are full developers, they can upload packages
> just like anyone else?

Yes, at the moment all Debian developers have the same privileges
(uploading packages, voting[1]).  There have been discussions about
this, but the conclusions so far were that we don't want a class

(Having said this, packaging skills are tested for porters as well.
Just in a slightly different way.)

[1] plus some more if you are DPL or a delegate
Martin Michlmayr

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