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AM Summary for Joshua Kwan


pub  4096R/78446F26 2003-08-05 Joshua Kwan <joshk@triplehelix.org>
sig!3       78446F26 2003-08-05   Joshua Kwan <joshk@triplehelix.org>
sig!3       3DC9F946 2003-08-06   Jeremy T. Bouse <jbouse@debian.org>
sub  2048R/B5EB82A9 2003-08-05
sig!        78446F26 2003-08-05   Joshua Kwan <joshk@triplehelix.org>


Joshua writes about himself:

> By day, I'm a high school student in San Jose, California. I'm
> interested in being a part of a project like Debian that's helped me
> learn a lot more about Linux. And improving it, too - I've been bitten
> by some pretty bunk packages when I was purely being an end user. I'd
> used SuSE Linux and OpenLinux before, and those were pretty crappy, but
> there was no one I could really blame^Wturn to for problems I
> encountered. I find stuff like the Debian BTS to be immensely useful for
> matters like this - I can get directly in touch with the maintainer to
> help him improve his package for all of the Debian user community. And
> that's really cool in my opinion.

Philosophy and procedures

Joshua understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks and skills

Joshua has packaged ircd-hybrid and hybserv, and adopted
gtk-theme-switch, distmp3, and wmweather+.


I recommend that Joshua be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: joshk
Forwarding email: joshk@triplehelix.org

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