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Rejections redux


We have some rejections coming up - no, really this time.
Essentially, the plan is what I outlined a long time ago[1] with some

The different types of rejection

There will be three types of rejections: weak, strong and ultimate.

Weak rejections are for applicants I'm unconvinced should become a
developer.  The NM committee can override my decision if 1/4 of the
committee decides that the applicant should be approved.

Strong rejections are for applicants where I strongly believe the
applicant shouldn't become a developer.  Again, this decision can be
overturned by the NM committee, though only if 2/3 of the committee

Ultimate rejections are for applicants who are not going to become
developers (on my watch), period.  This sort of rejection would
obviously be exceptionally rare.

The NM committee

An AM is a member of the NM committee if a) they are not marked as
inactive (i.e. if they haven't retired as an AM) and b) if they've
approved an applicant in the last six months.  A listing of all NM
committee members can easily be generated with the following SQL query
(DB newmaint on nm.debian.org):

  SELECT name, email FROM manager
   WHERE login in (SELECT DISTINCT manager FROM applicant
                    WHERE age('now'::date, decision) <= '6 months')
     AND is_active IS TRUE ORDER by email;

The current members are:

 Bas Zoetekouw          | bas@debian.org
 Domenico Andreoli      | cavok@debian.org
 Craig Small            | csmall@debian.org
 Daniel Silverstone     | dsilvers@debian.org
 Duncan Findlay         | duncf@debian.org
 Fabio Massimo Di Nitto | fabbione@debian.org
 Sam Hartman            | hartmans@debian.org
 Ivan Kohler            | ivan@debian.org
 Joerg Jaspert          | joerg@debian.org
 Scott James Remnant    | keybuk@debian.org
 Kevin M. Rosenberg     | kmr@debian.org
 Luca Filipozzi         | lfilipoz@debian.org
 Wilmer van der Gaast   | lintux@debian.org
 Martin Loschwitz       | madkiss@debian.org
 Brian Nelson           | pyro@debian.org
 Rene Engelhard         | rene@debian.org
 Stephen Frost          | sfrost@debian.org

Front Desk and DAM are also members of the NM committee; though the
latter doesn't have a vote.

The mechanics of a rejection

A rejected applicant will be put on hold in the database and the NM
committee and applicant will be notified.  For the applicant's
benefit, the rejections will be discussed on a private mail alias for
the NM committee (which has already been created and the members are
on it. ) However, the applicant can opt for a public discussion if he
or she wishes.  Applicants can put forward arguments against their
rejection and they can also ask Debian developers to write references
for them and these will be taken into account during the discussion of
the NM committee.

During the NM committee discussion, a member can only vote to override
the DAM's decision if he has arguments for this.

Reapplying after a rejection

Except in the case of an ultimate rejection, applicants can re-apply
when they feel that the reasons which lead to their rejection do not
apply anymore.  For each rejection, the NM committee will tell the
applicant the soonest that they can re-apply.  For weak rejections,
this must be more than 6 months and more than 12 months for strong


Thanks (as usual) to Martin for working with me on this issue and
helping to draft this mail.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint-discuss/2001/debian-newmaint-discuss-200104/msg00041.html

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